Alarm Clock vs Phone – Should you make the switch?

It’s the 21st century – billions of people have smartphones nowadays, and in Western culture the majority of people have a smartphone at an increasingly young age. Although it’s impossible to argue about the benefits of having a tiny computer at your beck and call the entire day, there are some potential negatives to be aware of when considering a smartphone.

One of the main times where people are concerned about using their smart phone is in the bedroom. Depending on what side of the fence you’re on, you’ll either believe smartphones are fine to wake up to, or how they can potentially disrupt your day.

This being said, in recent years many people have switched back to using an old fashioned alarm clock to wake them up, which helps keep the phone outside of the bedroom. But is this a good idea, or does it not really matter whether your phone is by your bed in the morning?

Alarm Clock vs Phone – 4 Reasons to Switch to an Alarm Clock

Typically, if you’re considering switching from a phone to an alarm clock, there’s a reason behind it. Whether you’re having an issue with your sleep quality in general, or you’re finding yourself having a short attention span, it might be worth considering getting a regular alarm clock instead.

Here are a few reasons that you might want to switch back to using an alarm clock as opposed to using a phone to wake you up.

Smartphone light is bad for your sleep

The main reason that you might want to avoid using your phone as an alarm clock is because the likelihood is that you’re using it directly before your bedtime. If you have your phone on your bedside table, then the likelihood is that you’re using your phone directly before your bedtime. The blue light from your phone can have an effect on your sleep quality. So, there are those that argue that leaving your smartphone outside of your bedroom is the first step to a good quality sleep.

This is because the light from your phone can be misconstrued by your brain – it’s sort of telling your brain “it’s not bedtime!” – which will likely effect your sleep quality.

Waking up to your phone might effect motivation

If you find yourself waking up to your alarm and immediately scrolling over to Facebook, then this whole article is based at you. Starting your day with 20 minutes of scrolling Instagram is likely to be bad for your motivation, which isn’t something that the majority of us can afford, but the majority of us do. So, keeping your phone out of the bedroom when you wake up is a good way to ensure that you start the day brightly.

Stop using Social Media when you wake up at night

Waking up during the middle of the night is common for the majority of us. But, the last thing that you want to do when you wake up is go on your phone, which is definitely a likely scenario if you’ve got your phone by your bed. A good way to avoid this is by leaving your phone downstairs and just having a regular alarm clock, as you’ll never need to have your phone in your bedroom.


No matter what, anyone in a relationship has been guilty of neglecting their partner at some point. And increasingly nowadays, smartphones and social media can be a common cause of this. Many people still believe that he bedroom is a sacred place that you and your partner should enjoy together, and personally I still think this is the case. Leaving the phone out of the bedroom entirely is a good way to do this, which you can’t do if you’re using your phone as an alarm clock.


Overall, if you’re trying to decide whether to switch to an alarm clock as opposed to a mobile phone, then you should definitely just give it a try. You can pick up a cheap alarm clock online for a reasonable price – so reasonable that it’s probably not even worth debating whether to pick one up! If you’re struggling with sleep and you’re finding it interfering with your every day life, you should definitely consider getting an alarm clock, leaving your phone out of the bedroom and seeing if your sleep quality improves.

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