Are Laser Light Projectors Safe?

One way to have a ton of fun with your kids is to get a laser light projector. This can help decorate your house, and makes it a lot more fun – especially if you have young children. One common question that some people seem to have is over the safety of laser light projectors. Is it really safe to leave them on when you’re not at home?

Although it may not seem it, laser light projectors are as safe as any other form of lighting around your house. This is because they are specifically designed to be relatively low in power, which makes it unlikely that they would cause any issues. They are also mainly waterproof, which makes them okay to use in harsher conditions too.

In saying this, it’s also important to ensure that your laser light projectors are not causing a disturbance to any other members of the public. Though you’re unlikely to receive a fine for putting up your display, you may receive a knock from the authorities if a neighbour complains about your laser light projectors.

Are Laser Light Projectors Safe?

There are a few questions that people have before they purchase a laser light projector. I’ll try my best to answer them, to give you some peace of mind.

Can a Laser Light Projector start a fire?

Your laser light projector isn’t going to start a fire as long as you’ve bought it from an established retailer. You should double check the box that your laser light projector has arrived in for peace of mind. It should state the output power of the lasers, which is likely to be much less than 5 mW. This is especially true outside the US, where 5mW is the limit for laser pointers – in the UK for example, the limit is 1mw.

This kind of power output is not going to start a fire, though it can cause temporary blindness if they are directed at someones eyes.

Can they damage the eyes permanently?

There are no know cases of a laser less than 5mW permanently damaging someones eyes. This is because it does not contain enough power to do any real damage – you’re more likely to experience flash blindness than anything else from a low mW laser.

The real danger in lasers of a lower mW is when people used them to target people, especially drivers and pilots. This temporary blindness can then become a real issue, which is why laser pointers have been so strictly banned in recent years.

Can Laser Light Projectors effect pilots?

A Laser Light projector is not going to be powerful enough to have an effect on pilots, don’t worry. As I’ve said, they aren’t powerful enough to really have an effect on passing aircrafts. Many people worry that their laser light projector may have an effect on cars too, so you should be considerate about how you position your light show.

One thing that you do need to watch out for is that the lasers are the actual power that they tell you they are. If you’re buying cheap stuff shipped in from China, this can be a real issue as sometimes they use different, higher powered lasers and don’t inform you. This is mainly an issue with laser pointers, but it’s still a possibility with laser light projectors too.

Are my pets fine around lasers?

There is some research that says that lasers can be a negative thing for your pets. This is entirely dependant on your pet itself, and for most this won’t be an issue. With laser pointers individually, some animals can have trouble because they are teased with a laser that they can never catch. With a laser light show projector, the projection is so large that your pets are unlikely to be effected by it in a negative way.


Overall, laser light projectors are not considered to be dangerous. They are safe, but you still need to make sure that you’re using them properly. For example, you shouldn’t leave a young children around a laser light show. This is because if they stare at the lights for too long, this is likely to leave them confused and disorientated. So, you should always take care when using a laser light show with your children.

But for the most part, laser light projectors are fun! If you get the right laser light projector, then you and your family are going to have a blast together. Just ensure that you install the device properly and it’s aimed in the right position and you should be good to go.

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