Are LED lights safe?

LED lights are some of the most common light sources used nowadays. No matter whether you’re at work or out socialising, the likelihood is that places are using LED bulbs. And in recent years, and increasing amount of people are using LED lights within their own home.

But, there are those that question the safety of LED lights in general, especially after the Europe persuaded people to switch to LED after banning halogen lightbulbs. So, what makes LED a safer choice than halogen, and are they actually a better choice? Well, let’s take a look at some of the facts.

Are LED lights safe?

When people ask this question, they’re generally referring to whether LED lights coming from your phone or laptop might be bad for your eyes or health in general. The short answer to this is yes, because there are a ton of regulations in place nowadays that ensure that LEDs stay within a certain radiance (all LEDs must actually be made at much less than the maximum possible radiance that could have an effect on your health). So, yes, LED lights in general are safe.

Can LED Lights effect your Health?

The main concern that you’ve probably read about LED lights is that they can be bad for your health. The theory is that an LED light might have some adverse side effects on your skin or your eyes. With the little research that we have – I mean, the LED has been around for 50 years but it hasn’t been consistently used for that long, so it’s difficult to know any potential long term effects – there’s nothing that suggests an LED light would be worse for your eyes than a halogen lighting, or even an incandescent light. So, for long term use, LED lights aren’t particularly dangerous.

Another of the most common thoughts about LED lights is that they are high temperature and have the ability to start fires. However, LED lights actually aren’t as hot as many other forms of lighting like Halogen. So, although LED lights are hot to touch, they aren’t that hot. Are they capable of causing fires? No more so than the majority of other light bulbs out there, so this isn’t something that’s going to be of great concern to you. Plus with LED lights, they’re obviously designed to hold the heat internally, so you don’t need to worry about fires.

What about street light LED lighting?

Another increasingly popular use for LED lighting is to use it in street lights and even in your vehicle. As you can probably guess, the reason why this has become so popular is because LED lighting is a cost efficient way of lighting up large areas. Is LED street lighting dangerous? Well, it can be if it isn’t good quality lighting, as it may end up being too bright, which can have an effect on drivers. So, the only real danger of street lighting is if it’s not the correct LED for the job.

Should I be concerned with my kids and LED lighting?

Another concern, especially for new parents, is whether LED lighting has a negative effect on younger children – are they more at risk with LED lighting? I guess this is a pretty common concern, and a lot of people aren’t aware of the answer. The reality is that LED lighting isn’t dangerous for kids in the sense that it would cause any sort of permanent damage.

However, LED lighting can have short terms effects on kids, like temporary flashblindness and dazzling. In turn, this could then effect them in another way. As well as this, there’s also the potential that a bright LED light might have an effect on your childs ability to sleep – if they’re up all night gaming, then again, this could be a concern. So whilst LED lighting doesn’t have an immediate effect on a child, it might have a big effect later down the line.

Why switch from halogen to LED?

The issue with halogen isn’t that it’s ridiculously dangerous or anything. The reason really comes down to the efficiency of halogen bulbs as opposed to LED bulbs. Over the long term, there’s a significant difference in the amount of energy used between an LED light and a halogen light – a halogen light can use 10x the amount of energy to produce a similar amount of light.

Why is anyone arguing with this, you might ask? Well, the main issue with LED lights is that they don’t produce the same light as a halogen light does. Fortunately, with time we’re getting more variants and options in lighting with makes LED lighting less ‘cold’ and more friendly.


All in all, it’s clear to see that LED lighting is here to stay, as it’s usable in a wide variety of different devices. Although there are minimal concerns around it, LED lighting is as safe any many other forms of lighting out there. So, if you’re thinking about getting some LED shop lighting for your home or you’re concerned about the amount of time your kids are spending looking at your laptop, you shouldn’t worry too much. Although this is a viable concern, the truth is that LED lighting is made to a high standard and you don’t have to worry about it being unsafe.

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