Are video games good for you?

One of the oldest arguments that you’ll get amongst gamers is whether video games can actually be good for you. We’ve been reading in newspapers for years, and now online, that video games are bad for your physical health due to lack of exercise. And more recently, there’s research being done that suggests video games might be bad for your mental health, too.

But surely, video games can’t be all bad can they? Well, it really depends on firstly who you ask, and secondly, your characteristics as a person. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons video games might actually be better for than you might think.

Are video games good for you? 5 Reasons why they are

They help us develop our decisive nature

Throughout life, you’re going to need to make many important decisions. As a youngster, those decisions seem far off into the future – but they do come around faster than you might think.

Decision making is actually one of the most important skills that you can learn, not just in life, but in the work environment too. The ability to make decisions is imperative to the success of any company, so it makes sense that this might be a skill you want to hone.

And whilst playing FIFA might not develop your decision making skills too much, MMOs can actually help with this. Games like Skyrim and Fallout, where you consciously have to make decisions, can actually help youngsters develop their decision making skills.

Playing these types of games can help speed up your decision making skills, as in game you tend to make the decision within a split second. This translates well to real life, which means that we can improve our decision making skills just by playing a few MMOs.

Are video games actually good for your eyesight?

Although there’s been a lack of research in recent years regarding this topic, video games have actually been proven to be beneficial for your eyesight in some studies.

For years, Moms have lectured their children on the dangers of video gaming for their eyes. And to be fair, there is research that suggests that this can be bad for your eyes too. But, it does seem that if you keep your video game habits in moderation, then it won’t have a negative effect on your eyes – and it might even help with your co-ordination.

Video games allow you to socialise in a different way

Before online video games arrived, parents would often wonder about their kids holed up in their bedroom for the entire day. And if you’re playing a single player game alone, then it’s true that this can be lonely and antisocial if you overdo it.

But with online games, this actually allows some people the ability to create online friends. And despite what anyone might tell you, online friends are very much real. This kind of socialisation doesn’t have much research, as of course, it’s relatively new. But, there’s no denying that video gaming online is  completely different experience to video gaming offline.

So, it makes sense that video games may actually prove to be beneficial for socialising in a different way than the norm.

Video Games increase the ability to focus

Although you might think that video games would have a negative effect on your ability to focus, this isn’t necessarily the truth. In fact, some research actually suggests that video games may have a positive effect on the ability to focus.

The University of Arkansas recently done a ton of research about the effects of video gaming on the brain. Their conclusion? Those who played video games for an hour a day actually had an increase ability to focus on something, as opposed to those who don’t pay video games, who seemed to find it much harder to focus at all.

Video games may or may not help depression

The effects of video games on depression have long been debated amongst professionals and gamers themselves. It’s a tough one, and it seems like it’s circumstantial to the person.

Originally, there were a lot of studies coming out that said that video gaming may actually make depression worse. And even over the last decade, newspapers and media have insisted that video games can be a cause of anxiety, or at least a contributing factor.

Though some more recent research actually seems to suggest the opposite of this. Depression is one of the biggest concerns for the population in recent years, and whilst it does seem like the rate of depression is rising, this doesn’t necessarily mean that video games are the cause of this.


Overall, it seems like video games are pretty much similar to every other type of stimulation out there. Video games can be good for you – as long as you do it in moderation. If you go overboard, like so many of us do, then video games can become bad for you. Video game addiction is a very real thing, and it’s something that you’ll want to be aware of.

Like other potentially addictive things in life, it pays to have a regular schedule when you’re playing video games. Limiting yourself to a certain amount of hours every week is a sensible way to go about things, and is something that any video game addict should consider.

But in moderation, there are a ton of reasons why video games might actually prove to be beneficial. They can help to stimulate the mind, which is likely to prove advantageous as we get older. All in all, video games can undoubtedly be part of a healthy lifestyle – as long as you combine it with other activities.

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