Best Aux Cable for your Car, Headphones and Everything Else

Ah, the AUX cable. The unsung hero of any sound system. There’s undoubtedly a point in any man or woman’s life where they come across a broken or lost AUX and need a replacement. Well, fear no longer – it’s easier than ever to get yourself a replacement.

Unless you’re going wireless, an aux cable is an essential part to many different types of audio equipment. Whether it’s your Beats headphones or your car stereo, they both use a good aux cable to connect the speakers to your device. If you’re looking for an aux for your car or to replace one you’ve lost, I’m gonna give your a run down of what I think the best aux cable is right now.

Best Aux Cable

Anker 1.2m

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Beats Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black)
  • [Universal Compatibility]: Play audio from any phone, tablet, iPod, laptop or other media-playing device on your headphones, Hi-Fi or car stereo (fits standard 3.5mm aux ports).
  • [Premium Sound Quality]: Built with the same grade materials as premium headphone brands. 24K gold-plated contacts ensure the cleanest sound experience possible.
  • [Incredibly Durable]: With a 10000+ bend lifespan several times longer than original audio cables, premium metal housing and four feet of durable, flexible cord, this cable really is made to last.

If you are looking for a basic, long lasting aux cable that will get the job done, then you should probably consider one made by Anker. Anker deal mainly in tech accessories like power banks, chargers and cables. Although they have only been around since 2011, within a year they became the number one seller of portable chargers in the United States. They have grown into one of the largest tech accessory companies in the world.

One of the main reasons that Anker have become so popular is that they offer a comprehensive 18 month warranty. If you’re like me with cables and headphones, if I spend $5 on them I might expect to replace them within a year or so. It’s only cheap quality, right? Well not with Anker. For the same price as you’d pick up a basic aux, with Anker you get a high quality cable that’s covered by a substantial warranty.

As aux cables go, in all honestly there isn’t a great deal between the different brands. With Anker, you’ll get a slimline aux cable that is super durable. This is one of the best options on the market if you want a basic aux that will get the job done.


 It’s made by Anker, who offer probably the best warranty going when it comes to technology accessories like this. 18 month warranty and fantastic customer service separates them from their competitors.

 One thing that I particularly like about this aux is that the extensions are slim. Use a phone case with your phone? Well, this means that you won’t need to remove the case to plug the aux in, which I’m sure has happened to me at least a million times.

 Not only is it a durable cable, but I actually really like the design. This might not matter to you, but a subtle chromed-ended finish makes this aux cable one of my favorites.


 Although it’s marketed as ‘premium’ quality, it’s really at the higher end of budget quality. To be honest, I’m splitting hairs here as I’d advise you to spend as little as possible on an aux cord as you’re unlikely to hear the difference.

 It might not be as durable and thick as you want it to be due to the ultra-thin design. If it does break, you can be sure that Anker will cover you with their 18 month warranty, though.

Overall Verdict

You don’t need to spend a lot on an aux cable, and this is my favorite option to keep the costs down. Stick with Anker for a solid, basic aux cable.


iVanky Aux Cable/Aux Cord - [Ultra Slim, Nylon Braided, Hi-Fi Sound] - 3.5mm Audio Cable/Auxiliary Cord for Car, Headphones Beats/Sony/Skullcandy Series, iPhone iPod, Echo Dot, More - 4ft, Black
  • ULTRA SLIM AUX CABLE - Updated slim connector is ideal for all devices with 3.5mm aux port. This aux cord fits perfectly with headphones and phone cases even with tiny opening, including Beats Solo/ Studio/ Executive Series; Skullcandy Crusher/ Hesh; Sony Series (MDR-1A, MDR-XB950BT, MDR10R Noise Canceling Headphone); V-MODA Crossfade; Lifeproof case and MORE.
  • SUPEROPR SOUND QUALITY - With the combination of 24k gold-plated connector and enameled oxygen-free copper wire, this aux cable significantly boosts sound quality of your music devices.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Although we ensure high standard quality checks, defective products still come across occasionally. If there are any defective product issues, please contact our customer service [] for replacement. Our lifetime warranty supports your purchase without any further costs.

If you’re looking for more than one aux cable, then you could consider getting a multi-pack to help cut down on the costs. Often, packs of two or three aux cables will be a bit cheaper than buying them individually. This isn’t by much, but every little helps right?

Anyway, if you think the 18 month warranty offered by Anker is impressive, then you’ll love the lifetime warranty offered by iVanky. Though they might not be as prestigious as other brands, this does show a good level of confidence in their product. This is an unconditional warranty too, which will cover any unlikely mishaps that might occur.

Aside from the warranty, I’ve featured this twin-pack because of the durability of the aux cables that you’ll get. You’ll be surprised at the quality of the wire that you get for your money; you’d be lucky to get one high quality aux cable at it’s price, let alone two!


 Two for the price of one; you’re getting a really good quality set of aux cables at the same price that you’d usually pay for just one aux cable. Can’t complain about that, right?

 Due to it’s durability, the iVanky aux cables are a good option if you need to replace the connector on any headphones you may have bought. In my opinion they’re more durable than you’d get with certain overpriced headphone brands.

 You don’t need to worry about these breaking; even in the rare occasion that they do, you’re backed by an extensive lifetime warranty.


 I mean, it’s hard to find any negatives with a company that offers a lifetime warranty with their products. If you have any issues, you can easily contact iVanky and let them know and they’ll send out a replacement aux.

 That being said, I think the design of the cable is kind of tacky. I much prefer a plain or chrome look than it being branded, especially when it’s a cheaper product.

Overall Verdict

If you need more than one aux cable, or you like to have a spare, then this twin set would be a solid choice for budget aux cables.

Belkin MiXit

Belkin MIXIT DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable - MFi-Certified iPhone Charging Cable for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8/8 Plus and more (4ft/1.2m), Gold
  • - The Belkin Difference: Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 35 years
  • - iPhone Lightning cable compatible with iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8/8 Plus and previous iPhone/iPad/AirPods/iPod models with Lightning connector
  • - Apple MFi-Certified Lightning to USB-A cable to charge and sync your Apple devices

Coming in a variety of different colors and length, the MiXit is Belkin’s signature line and is one of the better options when it comes to choosing an AUX cable.

Usually I would say that Belkin products are a little overpriced. And whilst I do think that this is often the case, this particular AUX cable is available at a cheap price that you’re unlikely to find something that will much cheaper. Unless of course you want to go for the one or two dollar AUX, but history tells us that this probably isn’t the best idea (if you’ve ever had an AUX that cheap, you’ll know that they break very easily!).

If you’re looking for a thin and particularly flat cable, then this Birkin AUX is a good option for you.


 Much thinner and flatter than some of the others. This is handy if you want to thread your cable through an abundance of holes to reach your appliances.

 If you’re buying this AUX cable for your kids, then you’ll be glad to know that it comes in a variety of different colors.

 Flat cable AUX’s tend to have a longer life span than other right angled cables.


 It really depends on your viewpoint on things. Some people think that $10 is a lot to spend on an AUX cable, whilst others don’t. It’s subjective, but this AUX is a little more expensive that some of it’s competitors.

 I’ve read that some people have had issues with the warranty when purchasing Belkin products. I can’t say that this has ever been my experience, but it’s certainly worth considering.

Our Verdict

Another good option if you want to go for a premium cable brand.


AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable, 2 Feet, 0.6 Meters
  • 3.5mm male-to-male stereo audio cable transmits audio in stereo format
  • Connects smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet to car stereo or portable speakers
  • Works with any device equipped with standard 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port

Not everything in life needs the luxurious and expensive option, and an AUX cable is probably the prime example of that.

AmazonBasics products have become increasingly popular, with more and more people opting for their products as opposed to competitors. I can’t say I’m surprised; much of the time, they offer the same products at a fraction of the price.

This AUX is exactly what Amazon say it is – basic – but you’re likely not worried about that if you want one of the cheapest cables available. Not only is it particularly cheap, but it’s also pretty good quality considering.

As with most Basics products from Amazon, it comes with a good one year warranty too. Handy if you’re looking for something that you know if it breaks, you can always get a new one sent out pretty quickly.


 Obviously, Amazon deal with millions of different products in a variety of different categories. Their Basics range is specifically designed to offer the cheapest products that still match the quality of their competitors.

 AmazonBasics products offer a tip top warranty – I wouldn’t be surprised if every product was Amazon basics in 20 years time!

 They have an understated design, so you don’t need to be concerned with colors that are too vibrant and in your face.


 Anything that you buy from a Basics or budget priced range is liable to break. Now, I do think that this AUX is a little better quality than most low priced options and you do get a one year warranty, so this isn’t necessarily something you’ll have to worry about too much.

Our Verdict

On a budget? Don’t be afraid to go for something from the Amazon Basics range.

Anker 2.4m

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (8ft / 2.4m) AUX Cable for Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home/Car Stereos and More (Black)
  • Universal Compatibility: 3.5mm AUX cable perfect for headphones, car stereos, phones, MP3 players, home stereos, portable speakers and any other devices with a 3.5mm audio port.
  • Superior Sound: Gold plated connectors offer incredible sound quality and durability thanks to improved signal conduction and resistance to corrosion.
  • Improved Durability: Engineered with aramid insulation to give incredible tensile strength. Lasts 10 times longer than other cables.

Sometimes a meter long AUX isn’t enough. And if that’s the case, you’re going to want to get a longer AUX cable.

Whether it’s because you want your AUX to reach the back of the car, or you have a longer distance to thread your cable through, there are a variety of different sizes that you can make work for you. Fortunately, Anker have made their cables in a variety of sizes.

This cable isn’t too much different than the previous Anker cable that I’ve already mentioned; in fact, it’s exactly the same build in terms of quality and design. You’ll just have to pay a little extra for the materials used. Usually, companies can charge much more for a longer cable, but this one is only few bucks extra than the meter version. A great choice for those looking for the best long length AUX.


 The Anker 2.4m is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a longer cable. Why would you want a longer cable? Well, if there’s a distance between the TV and a appliance, then this can be an awesome idea to help reduce the need for an extension cord.

 I like Anker products in general; they’re high quality and you know that they’re sustainable, too.


 This Anker is a little more expensive than I’d like it to be. If you compare it with others in the market, you could often get two for the same price, though this one does beat them hands down in terms of quality.

If you need a longer cable, then I’d stick with the Anker brand.

MPow Bluetooth

No products found.

If you hate even the thought of having tangled cables in your car, then it could be worth looking into getting a Bluetooth AUX.

They’re ideal for tangle-phobes (yes, that’s a real word I swear). A common misconception is that you’ll have to keep charging your Bluetooth AUX al the time, but this really isn’t the case. For every charge, you’ll get up to 10 hours of battery life in your AUX.

In all honesty, I personally wouldn’t use this AUX without having it connected to the USB charger at the same time. But, if you have it charging constantly at the same time, then you never need to worry about charging it!

This Bluetooth AUX can be a great addition to anyone looking for a good alternative to connecting a phone with no audio jack (or a damaged one) to their stereo.


 Completely eliminates the need to be worried about cables all the time.

 It’s not extortionately expensive if you compare it to other similar Bluetooth AUX’s.

 It’s pretty thin and compact for a 34 inch long soundbar; usually I’ve found a lot of them to be just big and bulky, which can be frustrating. It is also surprisingly lightweight for it’s quality and build, which is nice.


 I’m not massive on the charging aspect of stuff – I can be pretty lazy when it comes to things like that. Not ideal to have to charge something where you could just replace it with a cable in most cases.

 It’s a tad more expensive than the other products listed here, which I guess you pay for the increase in technology.

Our Verdict

No one likes cables, and using a Bluetooth AUX can eliminate the need for wires entirely.

What is an Aux Cable?

One of the most common questions that my friends ask me about AUX cables is the difference between them and USB cables. The answer is that it’s quite complex, but can be explained in a pretty simple way. AUX cables are designed to allows analog audio sounds to transmit through the device, whereas the other is designed to allowed data to be transmitted between the two. That’s really it.

Do we still need AUX cables, then?

Right now, yes. The vast majority of devices in the world use AUX inputs, which makes them the most popular method of transmitting audio.

Will it be that way forever? I doubt it. You can see the difference with new cars that only need USB connection – in fact a lot of the time, a USB connection will actually give you a better quality of sound. So yeah, AUX cables won’t necessarily be around forever. But for now, they most certainly reign king in the audio transmitting world.

What is an RCA AUX cable?

Did you ever used to have one of those old TVs with the white, yellow and red cables that connected it to your VHS or your Nintendo? Me too. These are RCA cables.


Essentially, the main difference between these cables and AUX cables is that these cables have the ability to transfer video, too. With the introduction of HDMI cables, RCA’s really became a thing of the past when concerning connecting your TV to other appliances. You’ll still find people using RCA cables though, especially with camcorders and other similar devices.


In conclusion, there really isn’t a great deal of difference between AUX cables. You can get a super cheap one for a dollar, but the likelihood is that it will break within a few months. If you’re willing to pay out a little extra, you can find an solid cable that should last you a good couple of years, if not longer.

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