Dell vs Lenovo – Thinkpad or XPS?

Dell and Lenovo are some of the most popular laptop brands that are currently available. Whilst they’re both extremely popular, usually people choose to go for one brand and stick with it. It can be difficult to know which one would be the right choice for your needs.

Generally speaking, Dell are the better choice if you have more cash to spare. But for those on a tighter budget, then Lenovo are the better choice, as they provide a more cost effective option. Dell can be expensive, so Lenovo might prove better for those without the same budget.

But if we’re comparing the two, then which brand is better overall? And if you’re trying to decide between the two, which one would make a better choice?

Dell vs Lenovo

Dell and Lenovo both have their benefits, so we’ll have a look at the brands and then look at the best of their models.

Pros of Dell Laptops

  • Reliability – Of all of the popular laptop brands, I think that Dell are the most reliable laptops of any brand. If you want something that’s going to last you a long time, then go for Dell as opposed to not only Lenovo, but pretty much any other brand.
  • Customer Support – Usually, I say that Lenovo have some of the best customer support around. And they do have good customer support, but it definitely isn’t as good as the customer support that you’ll get with a Dell. Dell have some of the best customer service around, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular.
  • Ease of getting spare parts – With Dell products, it’s a lot easier to find parts for your Dell laptop if you should ever need to get it fixed. This isn’t the case with Lenovo, where it can be more difficult to find spares.

Pros of Lenovo Laptops

  • Cheap option – If you’re looking for a budget choice of laptop, you’re going to really struggle to beat Lenovo. You can look at other brands like Asus and Acer for cheap laptops as well as Lenovo too, but in comparison to Dell, Lenovo provide a much cheaper alternative.
  • Voted best all round brand – Overall, in the battle between the two brands and every other brand, Lenovo won. They’re generally voted as the best brand right now as of 2019, so that speaks for itself.
  • Value for money – Specification wise, if you’re looking for the best laptop for the cash, then Lenovo usually offer a better option for the majority of people. So, it’s definitely worth looking at a variety of different Lenovo laptops if you’re looking for a new laptop.

In terms of style, there really isn’t a lot between the two. They’re made for practical use above all else, so if you’re looking for something that looks good, then you’ll want to look at a completely different brand, perhaps HP. I’ve also compared HP to Lenovo in another article.

Both of these brands are generally made for office and business use above all else, so neither are really suited to gaming. There are other brands out there that are better if you’re looking for a gaming laptop.

Thinkpad vs XPS

To compare the two, we’re going to look at two of their most popular models which are the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and the XPS 13 9370. I’ll go through each element of the models and let you know which is best – they retail at a similar price, though the Dell is actually a little cheaper in this case.

  • Screen – The screens of both of these two models are actually pretty equal and there isn’t much difference between them. So, neither of them win this one, because both screens are pretty decent.
  • Battery Life – As often with Dell products, they have a better battery life than their Lenovo equivalents. You’ll get more than an hour additional battery life with each full charge, which is pretty impressive.
  • Overheating – The Dell is much less likely to overheat than the Thinkpad, which does have issues with overheating sometimes.
  • Performance – The Dell is a better performer overall, because of the 25W TDP and dual-fan cooler which allows it to run at a faster pace.
  • Typing – In terms of the design of the laptop itself, the Thinkpad wins this one. Thinkpads are generally decent laptops, and they have a wide following of Thinkpad fans that think so too. Although they might be a little difficult to get used to at first, after a while you’ll get used to using a Thinkpad.

Between these two laptops, it’s clear to see that the Dell is the winner in the majority of ways. Seeing as it retails at a cheaper price than the Lenovo, this is particularly impressive.


Overall, I like Dell a lot but it’s really difficult to argue with Lenovo being the better option for most people. Aside from being rated the best laptop brand by most people, they provide great value for money, which puts them ahead as first pick for the majority of people. For office use or for students, Lenovo provide a great cheap alternative to other more costly brands like Dell. However, as I’ve owned a few Dell’s in the past, I can say that you wouldn’t regret opting for them in the long run.

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