Best Eraser for Rubbing Out Pencil

If you’re going to be using pencils frequently, then it makes sense to get yourself some good erasers to go with them. Low quality erasers can completely ruin your work, which is definitely something you don’t ant, especially if you’re drawing or sketching.

And although it might not be the pivotal purchase in your life, a good eraser is a necessity for your household. But when considering erasers, are they all pretty much the same, or are some better than others? Well, let’s check and find out some of the different erasers that are currently available.

Best Eraser

Sargent Art Erasers

Sargent Art Large Erasers, 36 per Pack, Light Pink, Pink, Count
  • 36 Count Eraser Best Buy Pack, Pink
  • Ideal for back to school teachers & students
  • Bright colors, easy to erase

If you’re looking for the best erasers, then personally I prefer eraser sets like these. You can buy them in bulk, which usually makes them really cheap if you buy more than 20 at a time (and you’re going to run through them, especially if you have kids!). Getting erasers for a cheap price is essential, as they’re not something you’re going to want to spend money on.

A common concern with pink erasers like these ones is that they’re going to leave pink marks all over your paper. You’ll be glad to know that this isn’t the case, and whilst they won’t leave any pink marks, they will erase anything you need them to! So, if you’re looking for a cheap set of erasers, then it’s worth considering this Sargent Art set.

Animal Erasers

Pencil Eraser Animal Collection IWAKO Japanese Erasers (Pack of 20) Unicorn included
  • 20 of different animals will be randomly selected from images shown (including a unicorn that is one the most popular iwako among kids!). This product is created by Tokyo Japanese Outlet including photos. Iwako erasers are made in Japan.
  • All erasers are individual packed. Easers can be taken a part like a puzzle.
  • Great and fun collectable gifts, party supplies, school prizes or Halloween treats!

Depending on who the erasers are for, you might not want a traditional eraser – they’re kind of boring. If you have kids (or if deep down you’re a child yourself too), then you might want to think about getting these super cute animal erasers.

Whilst your typical eraser will just be a boring rectangle, these simple animal erasers attach to the end of your pencil. And whilst to some people this might seem like a waste of time, anyone with young kids will know how much children adore small fun things like this. You’ll get a random selection of 20 animals sent to you, which will give you an array of different cute furry friends to stick on the end of your pencil. If you’re looking for a fun rubber for kids, then this is your best bet.

Tombow Erasers

Tombow 57321 MONO Eraser, White, Small, 5-Pack. Cleanly Removes Marks Without Damaging Paper
  • Soft plastic eraser removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage
  • Great for school or art
  • Protective paper sleeve protects eraser from damage during use

Tombow are another eraser brand that it’s undoubtedly worth considering if you’re looking for decent quality. They’re not offering anything new or interesting to the conversation, but their erasers definitely work and are of a high standard. They’re pretty cheap too, which might make them a little more appealing than some more expensive erasers out there.

Another good thing about Tombow erasers is that they make them in a wide variety of different amounts, so you can order as little 3 erasers or in excess of a few hundred, depending on what exactly it is that you need. But overall, they offer another option for those needing an eraser.

Paper Mate Erasers

Paper Mate White Pearl Erasers, Large, 3 Count (70624)
  • 100% latex-free and smudge-resistant eraser to keep your pages fresh
  • Clean finish is perfect for exams, essays and everyday writing--a trusted choice for standardized tests
  • Sharp corners and flat face help you erase both details and large areas

If you don’t want pink erasers or anything gimmicky, then it might be worth sticking with Paper Mate. The old faithful brand have been making erasers for a long time, and you know what you’re getting with their products. If you only need a couple of high quality erasers, then this set are likely going to be a great choice for you.

Like any good eraser, they’re completely smudge free. So, you don’t have to worry about these erasers destroying your work after you’ve used them. They have a classic design and a hard rectangular shape, as opposed to rubbers which are soft at the edges. The paper mate erasers provide another good alternative if you want a classic eraser style.

FAQ about Erasers

Are erasers toxic?

One concern that many parents have with erasers is whether or not they are toxic. There’s something about erasers that makes some children think they look extremely tasty. For whatever reason that is, kids sometimes seem to eat erasers.

Fortunately, your typical eraser is not going to be poisonous, so you don’t need to worry about that too much. The bigger concern is that rubbers tend to be pretty large, so they might cause an obstruction in the throat and result in choking. So, bear this in mind if you’re going to get some erasers for young children.

How do Erasers get rid of Ink?

A common question asked about erasers is just how they get rid of ink. Not all erasers will have the ability to get rid of ink, but certain erasers will (you’ll usually notice that they’re blue). How do they give an average eraser the ability to erase ink? Well, they just add pumice to the normal formula that’s used to create a regular eraser. This pumice gives the eraser more vigour, and enables it to get rid of ink as well as pencil lead.

Are erasers actually made of rubber?

For the most part, erasers have always been made out of rubber – hence the British calling them rubbers as opposed to erasers (in fact, rubber is actually called rubber because it was used as an eraser!). However, in more recent years, a lot of erasers are actually made out of vinyl, which gives it a higher quality finish and doesn’t compromise on it’s ability to erase things.

What should you look for in an eraser?

When you’re looking at purchasing an eraser, there are some things that you’ll definitely want to take into consideration. For example, you’ll definitely want to ensure that your eraser is capable of removing lead clearly without completely ruining your paper, which is a common issue with cheaper erasers. Check the reviews of any eraser that you purchase beforehand, as this can help to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


To be honest, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the erasers that I’ve listed here. They’re pretty similar in the way that they’re made, so there isn’t much between them, unless you go for a unique design. But, an eraser (or a rubber, if you’re in the UK) is an essential part of an pencil case, so it’s undoubtedly worth picking a few up – you never know when you’re going to need them!

As well as getting yourself an eraser, it’s also worth picking up whatever other stationery items you need too (like any pens or pencils you might need) – you can typically buy them in bulk online at a cheaper price than what you’d find at your local store, so it might be worth stocking up.

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