Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

If you’re trying to decide what to kind of chair to get in your office or your childs bedroom, then things can be a little difficult. There are a wide variety of different chairs out there to choose from, and to be honest, there isn’t much of a difference between them – I mean, it’s just a chair, right?

Well, this isn’t necessarily the case, and there are some differences between your standard office chair and other kinds of chair, specifically gaming chairs. But what should you look for if you’re looking to try and determine the difference between the two? Here are a couple of differences between the two that you want to be aware of.

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

If you’re trying to decide between the two, then in general if you’re looking to save cash then an office chair is a better choice. However if you’re looking for more comfort over long periods of time, then you should probably choose a gaming chair.

However, lets take a looking at this in a little more depth to see where the real differences lie between office chairs and gaming chairs.

Why Opt for an Office Chair?


One of the main advantages of opting for an office chair as opposed to a gaming chair is that office chairs tend to be priced much cheaper. Although there isn’t that much of a difference between the two, you’ll usually find that gaming chairs have a premium price based on their design (this isn’t true for all models though, there are still some cheap gaming chairs out there). However if you’re on a tight budget, then it makes more sense to look at getting an office chair instead.

This being said, you can definitely get some more expensive office chairs too, and you can easily spend a ton of cash on a higher quality office chair. However for most people looking for something reasonable, then an cheap to mid range office chair makes sense.


Humans weren’t designed to be sat down for long periods of time. It’s important for your posture that you sit properly if you’re going to be spending countless hours in front of a computer. For this, an office chair is likely to be a better choice, as they are made specifically so that you can maintain the correct posture throughout the day. Proper lower back support is crucial for this, which is something that any good office chair should have.

Why opt for a gaming chair?


As you’ve probably guessed, the main reason that you’ll want to opt for a gaming chair over an office chair is purely because of it’s design. A gaming chair is designed to be used for long periods of time, which makes it much more comfortable to sit down in for hours whilst you’re gaming.

Typically, a good gaming chair will actually be designed to conform to your body, whereas an office chair should be upright so that you can type on a keyboard. Whilst you can use a gaming chair for office work, typically they aren’t design to be as vertical as an office chair. However if you’re going to be gaming on a PC, then it might be better to opt for a office chair as they are better for your posture.

If we’re comparing the same low to mid range budget gaming and office chair to each other, then a gaming chair tends to be a better choice ergonomically. However, if you have a higher budget, then some expensive office chairs offer more comfort than a gaming chair could – but you definitely will need to invest a lot more.


Another one of the main reasons to opt for a gaming chair is that typically they’ll be much more adjustable in comparison to an office chair. If you’re comparing a cheap gaming chair to a cheap office chair, then typically the office chair might only have the ability to adjust it’s height and tilt. However with a gaming chair, you’re likely to get much more than this – you’ll probably be able to adjust the arms of the chair, as well as possibly the headrest. Of course, this is independent to the chair itself, so it really depends on what chair you end up purchasing.


If you’re trying to decide between the two, then typically it’s a relatively easy choice depending on what your objective is. If you want to work on a laptop or at a desk continuously and you’re not going to be gaming, then of course an office chair is going to be a better option for you. On the other hand, if you’re going to spend a lot of the time gaming, then pick up a gaming chair. And if you do both, then opt for whichever one takes up the most of your time throughout the day – you can still use an office chair for gaming, and vice versa.

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