HP vs Lenovo – V110, HP15 and other Laptops

HP and Lenovo are the two biggest brands within the computing industry. For a few years back in 2013, Lenovo actually overtook HP as the industry leader with the most sales, though this only lasted for a few years.

Nowadays, if you’re in the market for a new laptop or computer, then it can be difficult to know what the best brand to get is. After you’ve ruled out Apple for their crazy spec-to-price ratio (although they are easy to use, I’ll give them that) then Lenovo and HP and two brands that you should look at. This is especially true if you’re trying to save some cash (if this is the case, you should probably look at Acer and Asus as well).

So, what makes HP and Lenovo two of the biggest brands around? And how do they match up if you compare them against each other?

HP vs Lenovo – Brands Compared

In all honesty, there isn’t a great deal between these two brands and they’re actually very similar to each other in terms of specifications. If you match up their models, then they usually range around the same prices. Generally, you shouldn’t decide on the perfect laptop for you based around the brand only – you should take a deeper look at the specifications of each laptop and then decide.

To put it simple, I’ll compare the Pros of each brand (in a very general sense). Then, we’ll take a quick look at a model from each and compare them against each other.

Why HP is Better

There are a couple of reasons why generally, you might want to opt for a HP laptop over a Lenovo.

  • Design – The design of HP laptops is much better than Lenovo laptops, so aesthetically they are a much better option if you’re looking for something that’s good to look at.
  • Monitor Display – HP lead the field in terms of monitor display and resolution. Their screens look amazing and they’re crystal clear, which might make them a better option for those looking for a high resolution monitor screen.
  • Easy to fix – Because of the abundance of HP computers around, there’s a ton of spare parts available should your old HP laptop ever kick the bucket. A lot of these parts are interchangeable between devices, which makes it easier to find something that suits you.
  • Variety of Choice – With HP, you’ll get a wide variety of different options to choose from – more than most other brands that are out there. So if you need variety, HP is the better choice of the two.

Why Lenovo is Better

In comparison to HP, there are some areas where Lenovo is leaps and bounds ahead of HP.

  • Customer service – HP is infamous for it’s poor customer service, so that’s one reasons that you might want to avoid their products. In contrast to this, Lenovo actually have one of the better customer services in the computer industry, and if you have any issues, you should be able to find a resolution easily. So, they win hands down when considering their good customer service.
  • Longevity – If you’ve ever owned a Lenovo, then you’ll know that their laptops can last a fair while. Not just because of the technical specifications, but because they’re physically designed to be able to take some punishment if you drop them.

HP 15 vs Lenovo V110

If we take two extremely similar priced models from both brands to try and make this fair, then for the most part, they’re going to have almost identical specs. However, the ways that each brand are slightly better than each other are indicative of what the general pros and cons are of each company, so this comparison is a good way to explain how I’ve come to these conclusions.

For example, the HP 15-da0327tu has a better screen resolution, so the image that you’re going to get on your laptop will ultimately be better. It’s a 1920 x 1080px, whereas the V110 is 1366 x 768 px, so there’s a big difference there. It has an anti glare backlit display, which makes it a better option also in terms of your screen.

In terms of the specs, the HP is a little better, but there’s not much in it’s and it’s unlikely to be noticeable. But what does the Lenovo have going for it? Well, it’s slightly cheaper for one, and it’s a lot easier to get a good 3 year warranty than with a HP, who often make you pay out of the nose to get any kind of warranty whatsoever. So, it’s clear to see the benefits and flaws of each brand here.

Which brand is better for gaming?

For gaming, HP laptops tend to be a better choice for the majority of people. HP have a wide variety of different gaming laptops like the Omen and Pavilion series, which are some of the better gaming laptops around. So for gaming, HP is the winner hands down in my opinion.

What about Office work?

Generally, Lenovo are the preferred brand for those that are doing office work. Why? Well in general, the interface of a Lenovo laptop is much easier to use than HP, making it more convenient for business professionals.

They tend to be more lightweight than HP laptops, which makes them a much better choice for those that are always on the move. Business professionals don’t need a big bulky laptop to carry around with them everywhere, which is why Lenovo come so highly recommended for those in offices.

As well as being lightweight, Lenovo’s do tend to have a little better battery life in comparison to their HP alternatives. Battery life doesn’t matter so much with gaming HP laptops, as you’re never going to get a good gaming laptop with more than 7-8 hours of battery life anyway. So for office works, Lenovo is often the better choice.


Overall, deciding on which of these laptops is an individual choice. For people looking for a bargain, then usually brands like Lenovo and Acer provide the best bang for your buck. But just because Lenovo is known as a cost effective brand, doesn’t mean that you should rule them out completely – their Thinkpad series is one of the best options if you’re looking for a more expensive office laptop around the $1000-2000 budget.

For aesthetics, then HP is always going to be a better choice, because generally they put a lot more effort into their laptop design than Lenovo, who are focussed on cost efficiency. So depending on what you need, one of these brands will prove to be a much better option than the other. But, only you can determine for yourself which would be the better option for your needs.

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