Is Ice Skating Hard?

Ice skating is a great sport to start – it’s really fun, it’s relatively cheap and it makes for great exercise. But, one of the most common perceptions of ice skating is that it’s really, really difficult. But is this necessarily true, or is ice skating easier than it seems?

Well, it really depends on who you ask. Depending on whether you’re asking someone experienced at ice skating or an amateur, you’re likely to get two completely different answers. So, I’ll give you my personal opinion of ice skating, as someone who’s been going regularly for the last few years, but is by no means an expert.

Is Ice Skating Hard?

The fact of the matter is that ice skating is not that difficult to get okay at, but can be extremely difficult to become advanced at. Although it looks extremely easy on television, it’s much harder than you might think.

If you grow up in a country where ice skating is extremely popular – like Canada or the Nordic countries in Europe – then the likelihood is that you would have been skating from a very young age. This can have a big effect on you later down the line, as generally things get harder to learn as you get older. So if you’re wondering whether skating is hard because you want a young person to get into ice skating, then the best time to start is now! The sooner you can become accustomed to ice skating, the better.

How to get better at ice skating

  1. Getting yourself a good set of ice skates is the first step to becoming a more advanced ice skater. If you don’t have at least a half decent set of skates, then you’re really going to struggle, as comfortable skates are pretty much an essential.
  2. Another way to try and get better at ice skating is my improving your balance. You can do this without actually ice skating by performing balance exercises, which might help you to imprive your ability to balance whilst you’re ice skating too.
  3. One thing that made my ice skating technique infinitely better is ensuring that I stretch properly beforehand. This is definitely underestimated as a way to help your flexibility, and it’s undoubtedly necessary to ensure that you don’t get injured.
  4. You’re going to fall ice skating – it’s just an inevitability of the sport. But, learning how to fall properly can prevent you from getting seriously injured. So, take some time to learn how to fall properly on the ice. Check this article out if you want to ensure that you’re falling safely when you hit the deck.

Is Ice Skating a Good Workout?

In a word – yes! although you might not think it, ice skating is actually one of the best ways to work out and have fun at the same time. You can easily burn between 250-700 calories when you’re ice skating for just half an hour, so adding it to your routine once or twice a week can definitely prove to be beneficial.

Ice skating is actually quite strenuous, especially if you are a beginner – you’re going to be using leg muscles that you never even knew you had! When you are skating, it’s really important to maintain a high level of hydration and ensure that you have sufficient energy when you’re skating by keeping your body fuelled up.


Overall, ice skating is relatively hard for newbies, especially when you compare it to other similar sports. To be even pretty good at ice skating, you’ll have to put in some effort to get to a decent standard. But, it is undoubtedly worth the extra effort, as ice skating is one of the most rewarding and fun sports that you can partake in. So yes, whilst ice skating is indeed pretty hard, it’s worth putting the effort in to get good at it.

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