Is Roller Skating Hard?

Roller skating is one of the best ways to keep your kids active whilst not encouraging competition. Don’t get me wrong – a little competition isn’t bad for anyone, and it can prove to be advantageous later down the road. But, sometimes you want your kids to keep active without having to compete with their friends. And in my eyes, roller skating is a great example of that.

However, roller skating comes with it’s own entire set of worries for a parent. Much of this can be alleviated by getting a good quality pair of roller skates, which can help to ensure you and your kids skate safe. But no matter what, you’re still likely going to end up with scuffed knees at some point. Why? Well, roller skating isn’t easy – but just how difficult is it? Well, lets take a look at how difficult roller skating is.

Is Roller Skating hard?

I don’t think that roller skating is that hard, especially if you compare it to other types of skating, especially ice skating which can have one of the hardest learning curves. But, that doesn’t mean that roller skating is easy, and a lot of this will depend on your ability to maintain some balance. There are a few reasons that roller skating is easier than other forms of skating, such as;

  • Your feet are locked in – As opposed to other sports like skateboarding where your feet aren’t attached to the board, with roller skating your feet are strapped in securely to the skates. This means that when you raise your foot, you don’t need to worry about the skate coming away from your feet, which can allow you to gain better balance.
  • Inline and Quad skates – Generally when we’re referring to roller skates, we’re talking about quad wheeled skates, which are easy to use. The wheels on this type of skates are places at each corner of the foot, which allows for an even balance between them.
  • Braking – The good thing about roller skating with quad skates is that you have a brake on the front of your

How to get better at roller skating

If you’re thinking about learning how to start roller skates, then here are a few tips that might make things a little easier for you.

  1. Balance – The most difficult part of roller skating is getting your balance. To ensure that you can get good balance, it can be a good idea to start on a rough surface like grass, as you won’t have to worry about slipping around.
  2. Movement – The most common way to try and get better movement whilst you’re ice skating is to actually practice your movement when you’re not skating. Improved movement can help not just whilst you’re ice skating, but in a variety of other sports too.
  3. The skates – To get better at roller skating, you need to ensure that you’re using a good quality set of roller skates. A good set of roller skates can make all the difference when you’re ice skating, so it makes sense that you get a good quality set that won’t hold you back.

These are just a few tips that you can use to try and improve your roller skating ability. If you’re just starting out with roller skating, it might be worth finding someone else who wants to practice with you. This way, you can rely on each other to look out for each other if you were to fall or make a mistake. You can also ensure that you’re wearing the correct skating safety gear too, as this will help you prevent causing yourself any damage (kneepads are a must!).


In conclusion, although roller skating isn’t necessarily the easiest sport out there, it’s definitely worth your time and effort if you’re thinking about giving it a go. You don’t need any lessons to get good at roller skating – you just need to pick up a set of skates and maybe some safety equipment and get going! Roller skating can be one of the most rewarding ways to exercise, and although it’s quite hard, it’s a good idea to give it a shot.

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