Best Laser Level for Homeowners | Why Cross Line over Rotary?

If you’re looking for something to help with your DIY, then a laser level is an essential when you’re taking on bigger projects around the home. A laser level is awesome for anything that you’re performing at home and in some cases, it’s a necessity to ensure accuracy. But which laser level is the best option?

It can be difficult to tell, and unless you’re experienced in this kind of stuff, it might be a little confusing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few laser levels that I think are worth mentioning which might make it a little easier for you to make a decision on which laser level you’d like to purchase.

Best Laser Level

Huepar – Best Overall Laser Level

Huepar 3D Green Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level 3x360 Cross Line Laser Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser Level -Two 360° Vertical and One 360° Horizontal Line -Magnetic Pivoting Base 603CG
  • FULLY LAYOUT WITH 3 X 360 LINE LASERS: One 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical planes enable users to cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. Two vertical lines cross at 90°angles makes user quickly visualize and finish square layout. This 360 laser level is a complete level tool as well as an alignment laser aids in full room layout.
  • TRIPLE POWER TECHNOLOGY: Huepar laser tool employed the included large capacity lithium battery (can be purchased easily at local market) for extended run-time, or with 4 AA alkaline batteries. In addition, this laser tool can be used at job site with direct input charging even if take out the battery. Charging protection help prevent the tool from overcharge. 4 battery indicators on keypad allow users to know the current battery volume anytime.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LASER TOOL: The one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical laser lines can be selected individually depends on job site applications. With our smart pendulum system, this laser level tool self levels and indicates out-of-level condition while pendulum unlocked. Once pendulum locked, it switches to manual mode to lock lines for use at any angle.

This Huepar laser level is my favorite option currently available on the market, and there’s a few reasons why I prefer it over the current competitors.

Firstly, it uses a vibrant green bream, which is much more visible than using a red beam and more apparent than lower quality laser levels. Anyone who’s used a laser level will know how important it is that you can see the beam clearly. Secondly, for it’s price point, it has a ton of different functions which separate it from other fairly cheap laser levels. In fact, I’m surprised it’s not more expensive, as it’s comparable with some of the more expensive Dewalt laser levels out there.

It also has 360 degree projection, which means that if you’re using it around the circumference of a room, you won’t need to keep adjusting it’s positioning. It’s a three plane laser level, which means you can tile floors and frame rooms very easily. Overall, if you’re looking for a competent laser level, then this is my personal favorite option.

Tacklife SCL-01-50 – Best Budget Laser Level

Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level Self-Leveling Horizontal and Vertical Cross-Line Laser - Magnetic Mount Base and Carrying Pouch, Battery Included
  • SMART PENDULUM LEVELING SYSTEM - Press the top power button or open the pendulum lock to activate laser beam, it auto-levels when placed within 4 degrees of horizontal/vertical; If out of range, the laser beams will flash to alert; Pendulum locked to start manual mode, can lock lines for alignment to other angles
  • FLEXIBLE MOUNTING DEVICE - The laser level can be mounted onto a tripod or affixed to most metal surface using the included magnetic bracket, support you to turn the laser level around at 360 degree , project lines in any position or angle or adjust the height from the tripod
  • CROSS-LINE MODE - Emits and projects a laser cross line onto flat surfaces with high accuracy of ±1/8 of an inch at 30 Ft, works best indoors; Ideal for tile alignment, wall studding, windows, doors, etc; Class II laser product, Output < 1mW

For homeowners and casual users, you might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a laser level. And if this is the case, then there are budget options available on the market too. Whilst they might not have the same features as more expensive options out there, there are still some really good budget laser levels out there, like the Tacklife SCL-01-50.

If you’re not a tool snob, then getting cheap tools will be a bonus for you. The SCL-01-50 is really a bargain buy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s low quality. One thing that you might like about this laser level is that it’s particularly lightweight, so you won’t have a big clunky level to carry around with you. This means that it’s also easily mounted with the bracket that’s included, which can make it much easier to position the laser level where you want it.

The only thing that I don’t particularly like about the Tacklife is that it uses a red beam as opposed to my preferred green beam. However for some people, this might actually be preferable depending on what exactly it is that you’re looking for. So, if you are looking for a cheap red beam laser level, then this would make a good choice.

Hammerhead HLCLG01

HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Green Beam COMPACT Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with Adjustable Mounting Clamp & Storage Bag
  • Projects bright, highly visible green laser lines whatever in dark or light; ideal for tile alignment, wall studding, windows, doors, etc.
  • Three laser-line modes: level, plumb and Cross-Line; accuracy: 1/4 in. At 30 ft; self-leveling capability when within 4 degrees of level
  • Lock (Manual) mode to project laser line in any angles for straight alignment, stair railing, creative wallpaper.Etc.

Another option if you’re looking for a lower cost green line laser level is the Hammerhead HLCLG01. Whilst it’s not quite as cheap as the Tacklife, it still represents a really good value option for those after a new laser level.

The Hammerhead has pretty much everything that you could need from a laser level. It has super bright visible lines, so you’ll be able to see them from a long distance. It has three separate laser line modes that you can use, so whilst you can use it as a cross line laser, you can also use it as a standard level and a plumb level too. Plus, the level has an indicator which will let you know when the level isn’t within th self levelling range.

The HLCLG01 comes with an easy to use clamp too, so if you want to attach it to a pole or mount, you can do this easily. Overall, it provides another great option for those looking for a good laser level.

Dewalt DW088LR

DEWALT 12V MAX Cross Line Laser, Red (DW088LR)
  • Self leveling cross lines that projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines
  • Integrated magnetic bracket allows for flush attachment to metal track and steel
  • Over-molded housing and IP65 water/debris resistance

Finally, no list of laser levels is complete without something from Dewalt. One of their best is the DW088LR, which although is expensive, is still one of the better options for those looking for a high quality laser level.

If you’re looking for an accurate laser level, then the DW088LR is definitely going to be a wise choice. It has a 1/8 inch accuracy at 30′, which matches the accuracy of the Huepar laser level. Again, one thing that personally I don’t like is that this model uses a red laser, but that’s really subjective to the individual. So although this Dewalt laser level is pretty expensive, it might be worth the additional investment for those looking for a top quality laser level.

Why I Prefer Cross Line Laser Levels

There are some people out there that prefer rotary laser levels (or 360 laser levels), but honestly, I’m not one of them. I much prefer a cross line laser level for a couple of reasons. Primarily, the visibility. A cross line laser level makes it much easier to see what you’re actually doing, as opposed to a rotary, where the laser can be a little difficult to see. For doing things primarily inside, then this makes a cross line a better choice in my opinion).

Of course, a rotary level is more accurate so in some cases it will perform better. But for doing jobs around the house e.g. installing cabinets, then a cross line is a better choice in my opinion.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

If you’re thinking about potentially purchasing a laser level, then you’ll want to make sure you buy the right laser level for your needs. Doing this can ensure that you’re getting a decent laser level that isn’t too basic for you, but also isn’t too expensive when you really only need something simple.


One of the main things you’ll have to think about before purchasing a laser level is how much you’re willing to invest in one. Of course, this will entirely come down to your budget, and I encourage you not to overspend on a laser level. Although expensive laser levels will perform much better than cheaper ones, for most people they just aren’t that necessary, and you’d probably be fine with a $30 or $40 laser level. So unless you have the extra cash to spend, don’t worry too much about spending a ton of cash on a laser level.


Another thing that’s really overlooked when purchasing a laser level is the size of the level itself. With cross line levels, they tend to be big and bulky by design, so they’re not as portable as your standard laser level. Again, this will really depend on what your needs are. If you’re looking for a small portable laser level, then make sure you get one that you can easily fit into your toolbox.


The color of the beam is another important aspect that you’ll have to consider if you’re looking at getting a laser level. Typically, a laser level will either be green or red – I much prefer green lasers to red, mainly because of their visibility. So, I’d opt for a green laser level over a red one.


All in all, these are just a couple of laser levels that I’d recommend if you’re looking for a new one. it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something specifically for your flooring or you want a laser level for something else, there’s a lot of different options available on the market. So, it really depends on exactly what you want, but for most people, these are just a few of the better laser levels to choose if you’re into your DIY.

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