Best Laser Measure

Whether you’re working construction, you’re involved in the real estate business or you’re just looking to get a laser measure for your own needs, here are a few of the best options currently available.

Best Laser Measure

Leica Distro E7400x

Leica DISTO E7400x 265' Laser Distance Meter, Red/Black
  • This Unit contains a class II laser with 1mw output
  • 1/16" Accuracy up to 265-feet measuring range
  • Ruggedized IP65 certified water jet protection and dust-tight. (2-Meter drop rating)

The Leica Distro E7400 is one of the best all round laser measures that you’re going to find on the current market today. If you’re looking for a laser measure that has pretty much everything, then this is the one that I’d opt for.

Why do I like the E7400x so much? Well, it has all the things that most laser measure tools need. It does the basics well – it has an easy add and subtract feature, so you can add together your measurements easily without having to add them yourself (which most budget laser measures won’t be able to do). It has a 360 degree tilt sensor, which easily allows you to determine the angle of your laser. It has a timer as well, which you can use if you want to delay measurements.

But more impressive, there are a few other functions that the E7400 has which make it more appealing in my opinion, and set it apart from cheaper laser measures. It has a Painter function, which makes it really easy if you’re trying to measure the entire area of an entire room before you’re going to paint it. It makes it simple to subtract the areas around your windows and doors too, which is really handy if you’re painting a lot. So for DIY purposes, this might prove to be a great function.

The Leica also has a Pythagoras function too, which allows you to take height and width shots using the Pythagoras Theorem. This proves handy if you’re going to be measuring areas that are hard to reach e.g. roofing. Another thing that I like about the Leica that a lot of other laser measures don’t have is the endpiece – it has a thin endpiece that you can fold out and fit into smaller areas, which can help to give you a much more accurate measurement.

With a 30 store memory for al of your measurements, I don’t think there’s many better laser measures currently available within it’s price range. So, this would be my first recommendation if you’re looking for a new laser measure.

Harvet Laser Measure

HARVET Laser Measure Tool 131Ft M/In/Ft Digital Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels, Measure Distance, Pythagorean Mode, Area and Volume and Carry Pouch
  • Class IIA laser product, <1mw power output
  • EXCELLENT ACCURACY: Measure distance between 0.16 Feet/0.05 Meter to 131 Feet/40 Meters with two bubbles; Accuracy:±1/16 inch; Long press the U button to switch unit among M/In/Ft freely
  • MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT: Measure Distance, Area/Volume and Pythagorean; Ability of historical data readings; Addition and subtraction; Max&Min values measurement; Automatic shutdown without operation 150s

Not everyone has a few hundred dollars to blow on a laser measure. So, if you’re looking for a budget laser measure, then you might want to consider this model for Harvet. For those after something cheap and simple to use, then this might prove to be the best option.

Surprisingly, even though this laser measure is much cheaper than the majority of others out there, it still has a great degree of accuracy – it’s accurate to 1/16th of an inch. It has a measuring range of up to 131 feet, which should make it good enough for the majority of outdoor purposes, however you might need to opt for something more expensive and with better range if you’re working in certain industries like construction.

This model actually also has an inbuilt bubble level, which although it isn’t as accurate as a good laser level, is still undoubtedly handy to have. With a 3 year warranty and a 20 measurement storage, this one almost holds it’s own with laser measures that are much more expensive. So, this is another good pick if you want a cheap laser measure.

Bosch GLR825

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825'.
  • ACCURACY: The Bosch GLR825 provides superior accuracy of 1/25 inch at long distances up to 825 feet, making it an ideal laser measure for construction and concrete trades
  • VERSATILE: Provides eleven laser measuring modes including length, area, volume, continuous, min/max, single indirect, double indirect, stake out, trapezoid and multi-surface
  • CONVENIENT: The multi-surface area mode calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height. The minimum/maximum mode measures from a fixed reference point to find plumb lines and diagonals

Another option for those looking for the best of the best is the Bosch GLR825. It’s quite a bit more expensive than the other laser measures, so it’s only really worth considering if you want a premium model.

What makes the Bosch GLR825 higher price justified? Well, if you’re looking for something extremely accurate, then this is probably a good choice. It is accurate to 1/25 inch, making it quite significantly more accurate than the other laser measures that I’ve mentioned here.

Another reason that the Bosch is far more expensive than your standard laser measure is the range. The measures I’ve already mentioned can reach up to 100-200 feet in distance, which is fine for most people. But the Bosch has a range of 825 feet, which makes it more suitable for those that need these kind of super long distant measurements. It has 11 different measuring modes that you can use, too.

Overall, this is one of the best laser measures around, but the price is likely to hold a lot of people back. So whilst performance wise it’s great, it might be overkill for some people.

Dewalt DW099S

DEWALT Laser Measure Tool/Distance Meter, 100-Feet with Bluetooth (DW099S)
  • Calculate area and volume as well as perform simple addition and subtraction functions
  • Measuring range: 100ft/ 30M
  • Accuracy: within 3/32 inches

Another option if you’re looking for a decent enough laser measure is this Dewalk DW099S. Whilst I don’t think it’s as good as some others I’ve already mentioned, it does provide another alternative and there are some good things about this model.

Whilst it only has 100 feet range, you can easily set it up with Bluetooth if you want to store your measurements on a computer. This makes it really convenient, especially when you have a ton of measurements to note down. It also has the addition and subtraction functions like most other laser measures, so you can easily add and subtract your measurements.

So overall, this isn’t my favorite laser measure, largely due to it’s lack of accuracy and lack of range in comparison to the other options out there.

Komok Laser Tape Measure

Laser Tape Measure 2-In-1,131 Feet Laser Measure,16 Feet Steel Tape,Large Lcd Digital Display with Feet/Inch/Metric Unit,Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery(DT-10)
  • 【2-in-1 Multi-function Laser Tape Measure】16ft steel ruler, 131ft laser distance measurement, the laser and tape measure are perfectly combined, you can enjoy 2 functions by one product.
  • 【High-Precision Laser Remote Measurement】 It's built with updated chip,can measure distance and calculate area quickly and accurately. The measurement distance reaches 131 FT(40M).Press the on/off button and the measurement button simultaneously to switch the unit feet/inch/metric while the power is on.
  • 【High-Definition LCD Digital Display】 High-definition large-screen, textured touch feeling,you can clearly read datas even in dark environments.

If you’re looking for something that you can use as both a laser measure and a laser tape, then you might want to think about picking up this handy Komok laser measure. Whilst it might not be the traditional laser measure that you’re looking for, it does have a lot of the same stats that you’d need from a measure – it boasts a 131 foot range, as well as a 16 foot steel ruler which you can use for more traditional measuring.

This model is easily rechargeable, which makes it convenient as you don’t need to worry about switching out batteries all the time. Another thing that I do like about this model is the large LED screen which easily shows you your measurements. Whilst this model does sacrifice some manoeuvrability by the way it’s designed, if you want the best of both worlds, this is another solid choice.

What to Consider When Buying a Laser Measure

When you’re purchasing a laser measure, there are things that you’ll have to consider before purchasing. Here are a couple of the things you’ll want to think about beforehand so that you get the right laser measure for your needs.


Price is actually one of the most important things that you’ll have to decide on when it comes to laser measures. The reality is that although you can pick up a laser measure for a cheap price, they do get drastically better when you raise your budget into the hundreds of dollars. For some people, this won’t be necessary. But if accuracy is a must for you, then maybe a more expensive, better laser measure would be a better choice.


An important factor to a laser measure that some people overlook is the potential memory that it can store. Cheaper laser measures may only be able to remember a handful of measurements, whilst other more expensive laser measures will be able to member more than this. So, if you’re going to have to remember a ton of different measurements, then you’ll need to check this beforehand. Another thing related to this is Bluetooth, which only some laser measures have. This would allow you to easily store your measurements on a phone or laptop, which might prove useful.


Another one of the main things that you’ll want to think about when getting yourself a laser measure is the range that you need from the device itself. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, you might need different ranges. For example if you’re in property, then you might not need much of a range in your laser measure. However if you’re in construction and you’re going to be using it on site, then you might need something with an increased range.


If you’re looking for a laser measure, then these tools are just a few of the ones that are currently available. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll find a variety of different options online. So no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find a suitable laser measure for your needs – it really depends on what you’re looking for.

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