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A color printer is always nice, but for a lot of people, they aren’t really necessary. If you’re printing out a lot of documents on a regular basis, then it can be a better option to go for a monochrome printer. This can help to keep costs down and they’re typically more compact than color printers.

But if you’re looking for a monochrome printer, which is the best option that’s currently available to you? Well, there are a few options currently available that you’ll want to take a look at if you’re trying to get a decent deal. Here are a few black and white printers in a variety of different colors that you’ll want to think about.

Whether you’re looking for a printer for the Office or elsewhere, here are a few printers that are worth considering.

Brother HL-L2350DW

If you’re looking for something nice, compact and cheap, then it’s worth looking at some of the printers Brother have to offer. This particular model, the HL-L2350DW, is a great example of a cheap monochrome printer that is going to be ideal for the majority of people.

As I stated, probably the best thing about this model is that it’s decidedly cheap. You don’t need to worry about spending a ton on a printer nowadays, as even laser printers are available at a pretty cheap price. At lower prices, Brother tend to make some of the better options around, and the HL-L2350DW is one of their better low range printers.

As you’ve probably guessed, the W at the end of the product name stands for wireless. This means that you can easily connect to this printer with your laptop without having to worry about cables, but you can also print easily from your phone too. If you’re looking for a printing brand with good customer support, then I’d advise you opt for this Brother model above others, as they’re known for having some of the best customer support available.



Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw

Another compact monochrome printer that you might want to consider is the Imageclass, which is one of Canon’s most popular ranges of printers. If you want simplicity, then this is likely to be a good choice for you. As laser printers go, this is about the cheapest that you’re going to find on the whole market, so if you’re looking for a budget laser printer, this is likely your best choice.

It has a printing speed of around 26 pages per minute, which is about standard for this level of printer, if a little slower than the competition. Out of all the printer brands that have been created to use with your printer, I like the Canon app the best. It makes it really easy to check your printer levels and print from your mobile too, which is great for convenience.

If you’re looking for another good option as a monochrome printer, then the Canon Imageclass series is definitely worth taking into consideration.

Pantum P2502W

Although you might not be as aware of Pantum in comparison to other brands out there, they’re definitely a brand to consider if you want budget office equipment, but they really specialise in laser printers. They’re essentially a Chinese competitors to some of the big name brands out there, but you aren’t compromising in quality by opting for their products.

The typical design of a laser printer tends to be quite large and obstructive – usually, laser printers have been used primarily for offices and inkjet printers are better for home use. However, this isn’t really the case anymore, as nowadays we can make smaller and smaller laser printers which are ideal for home use. The Pantum P2502W is a prime example of that, as it’s small compact size enables you easily to tuck it away into the corner of your room or table without it taking up a ton of space.

With any Pantum printer, you’re going to get a 1 year warranty which can help to give you peace of mind incase you have any issue with the printer itself. Although this isn’t my favorite printer around, for it’s price you’re going to struggle to find anything better on the market.

Brother DCPL2550DW

Another option if you want to stick with the Brother brand is to opt for the DCPL2550DW, which is another good choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive laser printer. It is capable of dealing with a higher printing capacity than the other cheaper monochrome laser printers I’ve mentioned, so this one is worth considering if you have higher printing needs on a regular basis. The printer has a recommended monthly maximum of 2000 pages, which should be more than enough for most people.

With this model, you can use both and ethernet cable for connection or you can use WiFi too if you want to go cable free. Brother have really good customer service too, so if you do have any issues with your printer then you can rest assure that you’re going to be able to get some help with any connection issues. Of course, I’m probably leaving out the best thing about this model – it’s a printer scanner combo. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone, and you don’t need to worry about picking up a scanner as well.

So overall, if you’re looking for a monochrome printer/scanner combo that’s not too expensive, then this is undoubtedly a pretty great choice.

HP Laserjet Pro M118dw

Finally, you can take a look at the HP Laserjet Pro M118dw too. Though I’m not the biggest fan of HP printers in general, it’s really hard to overlook this model.

Why? Well, it’s HP’s cheapest printer, so if you’re looking to stick with this brand then it’s undoubtedly a safe bet. It also has relatively low printing costs if you buy the right toner, which might make it a good option if you’re looking for a laser printer as opposed to an ink printer. Although you’re not going to get any exhilarating print speeds from this model either, it does print at about a page every two seconds, which is fast enough for the majority of people.

Another good thing about opting to use HP as a brand is that they have a pretty responsive phone app that you can use their printers with. This makes it much easier to organise things with your printer, which is definitely a necessity. Although I personally wouldn’t choose this model over the others available, it’s hard to deny that it provides another option for those looking for a cheap monochrome printer.

Monochrome vs Color – Which is best?

Depending on what you need, one type of printer will likely be much better for you than the other. Most people aren’t going to need a color printer, and there are a few reasons why you’d be better off opting for a monochrome printer in my opinion.

  • Price – The main reason to opt for a monochrome printer over a color one is undoubtedly the price. Not only and mono printers generally cheaper to purchase in the first place, but they’re generally quite substantially lower to run as you don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive color ink. So if you’re looking for the most cost effective option, then a monochrome printer is the better of the two.
  • Lighter – Monochrome printers tend to be a little lighter than color printers. This is because they don’t need to have the same internal equipment as a color printer, so it’s definitely a good idea to go monochrome if you want something more lightweight.
  • You can always print – Depending on the printer that you get, some color printers won’t print if you run out of colored ink. If you opt for a monochrome printer, then you’ll only need to worry about replenishing your black ink.


Overall, there aren’t a lot of differences between these two different types of printer. They’re both very similar to each other in most ways, aside from the fact that one has the ability to print in color and the other doesn’t. So the easiest way to determine which kind of printer you need is by assessing what you’re going to use it for. If you want something for printing out artwork and other colored images, then of course you’re going to need a color printer. But for most people, a monochrome printer is likely to be a better choice for printing general documents.

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