Best Moon Lamp

A good moon lamp can be an awesome addition to any bedroom. They can make a great night light for kids, as well as creating an atmosphere in your bedroom.

However, not all moon lamps are the same, and depending on what it is you’re looking for, they have different styles. They’re often made out of different materials and will have a different battery life to each other, so it’s worth looking around to make sure that you get a good quality moon lamp. But considering they’re all relatively similar to each other, is there one that’s much better than the rest?

Best Moon Lamp

DTE Cheap Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp Night Light,3D Printing 16 Colors Moon Lights with Stand & Remote & Touch Control and USB Rechargeable (Diameter 4.72 inch),Nursery Lamps for Your Kids,Birthday Gift Ideas for Friend/Lover
  • LOOKS LIKE THE REALLY MOON- Moon lamp made with 3D printed and made of FDA approved PLA,100% nontoxic.Surface mimics lunar swirls and craters.Dense,durable and not easy break.
  • 16 LED COLORS- Moon Lamp Designed with 16 colors and 4 states.the colors can be flash,smooth,fade and strobe,very colorful and full of fantasy.
  • REMOTE&TOUCH CONTROL MODLES- Color and brightness of the light emitted by the lamp can be controlled using a remote control or touch control. And the REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE CAN REACH TO 30 FEET, choose any color as you like.

Now for the most part, you’ll find a lot of moon lamps available that are very similar to each other. This is because they’re all sourced from China, and although they might have different brand names, they’re basically the same product. Out of the ones that are available, it’s difficult to pick the best – so it’s often best to go for the cheapest, of which this is the best option in my opinion.

What’s good about these cheap moon lamps? Well, they’re actually pretty awesome for less than $20. They last a long time if you take care of them well, and one of the best things about them is that you can easily change the colors of the moon with the remote control. You’ll get a variety of different colors that you can change it, but you can also change it’s color by touching the moon itself. You can also change the style of the moon, from continuous to flashing.

If you’re looking for a cheap priced moon lamp, then this is one of the best options that’s currently available on the market.

VGazer Levitating Moon Lamp

VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light Floating and Spinning in Air Freely with Gradually Changing LED Lights Between Yellow and White for Home,Office Decor,Unique Holiday Gifts,Night Light
  • licensed by Levitation Arts.Magnetic Levitation - Thanks to the latest in levitation technology, the Moon Lamp levitates in the air at all times and can constantly rotate
  • Wirless Charging - The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless charging technology so it can be charged even while levitating! The touch control base below allows you to turn ON/OFF the LEDs inside the Moon Lamp or base light
  • Different Patterns of Changing Light- Gradient Warm Yellow and White LED Light changes Automatically while floating and spinning

If you’re looking for something a little better than a cheap moon lamp, then it might be worth looking at this one. Of course, it’s major selling point is that it’s levitating. This might seem gimmicky at first, but it’s actually pretty cool for both kids and adults. It uses 3d printing technology to produce the surface as the moon, as it tries to make it as accurate to the real thing as possible. For science lovers, this will undoubtedly make an awesome gift.

You have a selection of different colors, and the moon itself uses magnet technology to distance itself from the base. It’s easy to set up, and if you’re looking for something a little different, then this would be perfect for your desk or any household table.

CPLA Pendant Moon Lamp

CPLA Pendant Lamp 3D Printing Moon Lamp Ceiling Light Chandeliers with Led Light Bulbs Multicolored Light for Home Lighting (10''/25CM Ceiling Lamp)
  • Advanced 3D Printing Technology - The moon light perfectly reproduce luna surface, looks just like a true moon in your room.
  • Bulb Included - One 12w bulbs is included and its' power consumption is 1/10 of incandescent bulb, 2/3 of energy-saving bulb under the same brightness.
  • 3 Color in 1 Light Bulb - Choose the color temperature by turn OFF/ON switch. Color change: cool white---warm white---daylight. 3 modes cycle.

Another alternative to the levitating lamp is to opt for something that you can use as a chandelier style lamp. If you have a bit of time to set this up, then it can look awesome and give a unique feel to your bedroom. Although it might look difficult to set up, it’s pretty easy (you will have to know how to remove a light fixture though!). The same company also sell a variety of other moon lamps, so it might be worth checking out some of their other products to see what else they have to offer as well.

This could be a good choice not only for your bedroom, but it’s also worth considering it for other areas too – the lounge, or even if you own some sort of retail business. You can easily cycle through the three different color settings to get whatever ambience you desire.

Eguled Hand Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp with Stand Adjustable Brightness and Warm White/Cool White Color, USB Charging Cable. Romantic Moon Light Will Birthday Gifts for Women, Men, Kids, Child, and Baby
  • 【Advanced 3D Printing Technology】 Based on the moon topography from NASA, the Moon Light Perfectly Reproduce moon Surface, Looks Just Like a True Moon in Your Room, also a True Moon in your hand when you hold it in the hand.
  • 【Touch Control and Memorable Brightness】Long tapping smart button to easily adjust brightness. your previous brightness setting will be memorized for your convenience!
  • 【Dual Color】Short Tapping Smart Button to Change Color Between Cool White and Warm Yellow, Different Color Brings Different Feeling.

A little different to the standard moon lamp, this one is nicely placed on a hand. Although this doesn’t add to the functionality of the lamp itself, it does definitely make it a lot nicer to look at aesthetically. If you’re looking to make your lounge look a little more sophisticated, then this might prove to be a good choice.

The good thing about this type of moon lamp is that it’s very easy to control the illumination of the lamp itself. You can do this easily just by tapping the lamp, which in turn can make the moon appear lighter or darker, depending on what you’re going for. If you’re looking for a dimmer in your room but don’t want to go through the hardship of installing it, then this kind of lamp can be a good choice, as you can easily adjust the darkness of the lamp itself.

This is another good choice if you’re looking for a cool lamp that can help add a little atmosphere to your room.

GP Joy Extra Large Moon Lamp

Extra Large!!! GPJOY 3D Moon Lamp Rechargeable Lunar Night Light Dimmable Touch Control Brightness Two Tone Home Decorative Lights Baby Night Light with Wooden Stand, Diameter 7.3 Inch
  • 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY - This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon.
  • BRILLIANT DESIGN-This 3D print night lamp is adopted environmentally friendly PLA material, rechargeable lithium battery included and USB charging(include cable without Adapter), long touch control brightness and short touch switch the color.
  • PERFECT NIGHT LIGHT -The 3D print moon light offer you an impressively wide 360 degree beam angle.Comfortable 3000K Warm White and 6000K Cool White.It brings you mystery and romance, this night light is just what you need for an out of this world lighting experience.

There isn’t much difference between this moon lamp and the others out there. The main thing? The size! This model comes as a 7 inch moon lamp, whereas the majority of others are usually 5 inches. You can also get it in a 5 inch and a 3 inch mini moon lamp too, if that’s what you’d prefer. However, for me this optio is best for those looking for something bigger!

Again, there isn’t a great deal of difference between this moon lamp and the majority of others that are out there. It’s of a decent quality, and for it’s price, it’s particularly impressive. Moon lamps are an awesome choice if you’re looking for a 360 degree nightlight, as they’ll illuminate in all directions! So, it’s worth keeping this one in mind too.

What to Look for in a Moon Lamp

If you’re going to purchase a moon lamp, then there are a couple things that you’ll want to think about before you buy. Here are a couple of things that you’ll want to think about beforehand.

Size & Style

Probably the most important thing that you can differentiate between these moon lamps is the style. Many of them are extremely similar, so I’ve tried to only list ones that are quite different in their design. Depending on whether you want something for your desk or you want a nightlight for your little one, each of these will prove to be a good choice for each person.


Most moon lamps are quite cheap, but like anything, if you want to spend a lot of money then you can. If you have the funds, then there’s a wide choice of different moon lamps that you’ll find available to you. So, if you have the money to spend, then there’s a wide variety of different options out there to choose from.


The type of moon lamp that you want will largely depend on exactly what you’re going to use it for. Want to use it as a nightlight? Then you might want to look at getting one you can dangle from your ceiling. Need one to keep you company whilst you work? Then a smaller moon lamp or even the levitating one might make sense – it all depends on what exactly it is that you need.


All in all, a moon lamp isn’t going to be the most important purchase that you ever make. But, it can undoubtedly prove to be a great addition to any room, for both kids and adults. If you’re looking for something that won’t overpower you with light but can still help to illuminate a room a little, then a moon lamp can prove to be a great choice.

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