Quad Skates vs Inline Skates

Depending on where you look online, you’ll probably find people that are fans of both inline skating and quad skating, or either. Just because you like one, doesn’t mean that the other is necessarily bad.

But, when we’re looking at quad skating and inline skating, there are a few common questions which often come up. Which one is easier? Is one of them better to learn than the other and easier to perform tricks with? And if you’re looking for a set of skates, which one is best? These are all pretty common questions that pop up when considering these types of skating.

So, I’m going to give you my personal opinion on the main differences between the two, and which one you should opt for if you’re a beginner.

Quad Skates vs Inline Skates

If you’re a beginner, in my mind you should definitely look at getting yourself a set of quad roller skates. They are much easier to balance on, which is essential for any beginner. Whilst inline skates are great too, they’re definitely a lot harder to use, which can be really frustrating for someone trying to get the hand of things.

Now, there are a few reasons why quad skating is easier, and I’m going to break them down into sections and talk about each.

Roller Skates (Quad Skates)


Quad skates are the first things that you should be looking at if you’re thinking about getting into skating. Why? Well, of course there are a few reasons why quad skates are a good choice.

  • Better for beginners – If you’re a beginner and you’re not entirely sure how good your balance is, then it’s probably a better option to go for quad skates as opposed to inline skates. This is primarily because of the obvious reason – the four wheels are distanced separately so that you can maintain an even weight between them. This isn’t the case with inline skates, which can make them much harder to use.
  • Price – Although you can find inline skates available at a pretty good price as well, the majority of the time you’ll tend to find quad skates to be the cheaper option of the two. So if you’re trying to save some cash, then quad skates are undeniably the better option of the two.
  • Braking – Another thing that people don’t realise when they’re deciding between the two is the ability to brake. With a set of quad skates, you have a brake at the front of your foot, which makes it much easier to slow down (provided you know how to brake properly!).

Inline Skates


For the more advanced skater, you might want to take a look at inline skates. They’re similar to quad skates in a lot of ways, but there are a few things that inline skates are better for.

  • Pace – If your main goal is to get some pace from your skates, then you’ll probably want to opt for some inline skates as opposed to quad skates. This is because you’ll have the ability to reach higher speeds in a set of inlines than you would in quad skates.
  • Better for tricks – For the much more advanced skater, you could consider getting a set of inline skates. Why? Well if you’re going to be doing tricks or using them in a skate park, then inline skates are a much better choice, as they work well with vert ramps.
  • Similarities to ice skating – If you already have skill in other types of skating, then you might find inline skates easier to use than quad skates. If this is the case, then they’re likely to be a better choice for your needs.


Overall, both inline skates and quad skates have their place within the skating world, as they’re both good in different ways. If you’re looking for skates for a beginner and you’re worried about your balance, then there’s no doubt that you should be looking at a set of quad skates. However if you’re pretty confident with your skills, then you might want to go for inline skates instead.

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