Syma X5C Review

The Syma X5UX FPV RC Drone is a very popular option that seems to be filling a gap in the market, providing buyers with an affordable and durable option that is both fun and easy to fly. Choosing the right drone involves more than simply buying the first one available, as they all have slightly different pros and cons as well as different abilities and controls.

Deciding on a high-quality drone is key to ensuring that the equipment will work well and last for a long time, which is why more and more people are paying attention to the power, camera, and control that this Syma drone offers.

Syma X5C Review

Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera
  • Equipped with HD camera.
  • Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion, Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors
  • 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight

Build Quality Plays a Role in Durability

The materials that a drone is made out of play a huge role in how well the drone will operate in the air, as well as how well it will withstand damage if it crashes. It’s important to consider the materials used in a drone’s construction, as well as how durable the overall piece of equipment is.

This Syma drone is made from durable plastic that allows it to remain lightweight even though it is very strong. Because it is made of plastic and not metal, this drone won’t corrode when it gets damp. Not only is the drone made from heavy-duty plastic, but all of the parts fit together perfectly, which means that the batteries won’t fall out and that the drone won’t come apart in a crash.

Thanks to the flatter design of the drone, it offers great aerodynamics and can easily speed through the air for longer. It cuts through the air, reducing drag and allowing the drone to fly for longer periods of time without a battery change.

Flight Performance Is Affected by Speed and Agility

The great thing about this Syma drone is that it operates very well at both higher and lower speeds. Beginners will likely feel more comfortable flying the drone at a lower speed, which allows them to practice controlling the drone. Users who have more experience, however, will want to increase their speed. This makes the drone much more responsive.

Thanks to the powerful motors on this drone, it can easily reach up to 40 to 50 meters in the air and can fly up to 80 to 100 meters from the user. With an on-board gyroscope, the drone responds quickly to any movements by the user.

The controller is not only comfortable to hold, but also easy to control. With two joysticks to control speed and distance, users have complete control. For even more control on the go, this drone can be connected to an app, allowing for easy control and control of the camera.

Considering the Controls

One of the main reasons to opt for a drone is the easy controls, which are enabled by headless mode. The Syma GO application is one of the neatest features that this drone has to offer. Not only does it make it possible for users to control the drone from their phone instead of using the joystick, but users can also monitor the camera from their screen.

In addition, this powerful app has a feature for designing flight plans on the go. Users can easily draw a route on the screen and the drone will follow it on auto pilot.

The camera is just as easy to operate as the flight of this drone, and can take both videos and pictures while in flight. With a micro SD slot, and included 4G card, users won’t have to worry about running out of storage. The videos and photos that the drone took while flying can be automatically transferred to a smartphone via WIFI, if desired.

What Beginners Will Love

Once the drone is turned on, it will automatically fly to a certain height and hover there, waiting for controls. This makes it much easier for beginners to control, as they won’t have to worry about actually getting their new drone up and into the air.

This drone offers headless mode, which means that the user doesn’t need to be able to determine the position of the headpiece on the aircraft. Thanks to this mode, beginners can easily control the drone by adjusting the direction of their operating rod. While more advanced users may not need this feature, it makes it much easier for beginners to confidently use the drone.

The gravity control mode is great for users who are more confident with their smartphones than with joysticks. Simply moving and rotating the smartphone will allow users to control the drone, sending it left, right, forward, and backward.

Additional Features Users Will Love

Features are what will really set one drone apart from another. The ability to control this drone via the joysticks or a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to operate. Additionally, the 720 HD camera provides shockingly clear and bright photos and videos.

Users who want to show off how easily they can control the drone will appreciate the 3D flip and roll capabilities that it offers. Thanks to the onboard gyroscope, this drone can roll in any direction while flying, without any fear of crashing. Not only is this a fun way for users to show off, but it also can capture some incredible video.

This drone comes with everything that users need to start flying it right away. A USB charging cable makes it easy to keep the drone powered, and there are two batteries that can be swapped out. Additionally, it comes with a remote control, four replacement blades and blade guards, screw driver, card reader and memory card, phone holder, and easy-to-understand user manual.


As far as drones go, the Syma drone is easy to control, offers great features, and is made from durable materials. This means that even in the event of a crash, the drone is likely to survive and to resist damage and breaking. Designed to be a durable drone that is not only affordable, but also easy to learn how to control, this is a great option for beginners, as well as more advanced drone users to consider.

Of  course, there are a lot of other  mini drones available to choose from and you should look around before you make any final decisions. is a fun option for anyone who wants to be able to take videos and photos on the go without having to worry about learning how to control a more advanced drone.

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